About Fin de Mundo Music

Fin de Mundo Music was founded in 1991 by keyboardist/composer Paul Bass and bassist/composer Steve Pinkston, for the purpose of sharing their original compositions with friends and family. Their first few albums (usually timed to come out around Christmas / Solstice time) were recorded on 4-track analog equipment, and released on cassettes. Since Paul lived in Santa Cruz, California, and Steve lived in the Portland, Oregon area, they tended to get together to write and record music on three-day weekends, hence the titles of their first four albums.

Over time, the two musicians were able to update their home studios with better equipment, and produce more polished recordings, released on CD.

Paul Bass passed away in 1999, due to complications of a rare form of cancer, and Steve Pinkston has been the driving force behind Fin de Mundo Music ever since then. The most recent recordings were done in well-equipped fully-digital studios.

About the name and the logo...

Fin de Mundo means "End of the world" in Spanish (well, technically that should be "Fin del Mundo, but we're stuck with it the way it is). When Steve and his wife moved to their farm in Oregon, they joked about how they would stay there until the end of time, and called their little piece of land "Fin de Mundo Farm." The logo depicts a comet about to strike the earth. No, we're not end-timers, we're just having a little fun.

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About our Artists

We are currently featuring the music of Steve Pinkston and Steve's duo recordings with Paul Bass. We will add listings of other artists over time.

Steve Pinkston is a bassist and composer who lives in the Pacific Northwest. His musical career stretches back to rock and jazz groups back in his native state of Kansas. Steve's music is quite eclectic, drawing on many influences, but falling generally under the category of Jazz. 

Paul Bass (1947-1999) was an immensely talented keyboardist with an instantly recognizable style, particularly on his beloved Hammond B3 organ. Paul was a central figure in many recording and touring groups in California in the '60s and '70s. He was - along with Steve Pinkston - a member of the progressive rock band Ivory in the early 1970s. After that group broke up, Paul and Steve got together in the 1990s to produce a well-received series of duo recordings. Paul also released a number of very interesting solo piano albums.

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